I’ve never enjoyed talking or writing about myself. But since I’ve been blogging for almost a decade, an “about” page is probably appropriate.

I am a sinner saved by grace through faith in Christ and have two feet firmly rooted in the Reformed world. It doesn’t take but a short amount of time to get more ideas of other labels I can stick to myself.

Married; three kids.

I spend more years in school than I’d like to admit, and am an academic librarian. I know the Dewey Decimal Classification System backward and forward and can give a terrifying “shush” when needed. I am also a liberal ellipses (and parentheses) user and believe strongly in the Oxford Comma.

A shameless bibliophile am I, and count among my favorite authors Berry, Calvin, DeYoung, Dostoevsky, Percy, Postman, Robinson, Wilson, and Wodehouse. Feel free to liberally use my link on Amazon or Westminster Books.

I love the worship and music of the Church, and am an inclusive hymnist. I also serve on the URCNA’s psalter hymnal committee (coming 2016, d.v.).

The blog title comes from the Grateful Dead song “Terrapin Station.” I’ve shortened the title over the years from Token Lines Suggesting Rhythm to token lines.

You can also find me on TwitterFacebookLibrary Thing, or at home in northwest New Jersey.

PSA: WordPress doesn’t freely allow me to get rid of the ads on the site, so I strongly recommend installing an ad-blocking addon like AdBlock Plus or Ghostery in either Firefox or Chrome.



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