2015 Books: 3Q

Books read from July through September. Next reading list viewable by clicking here. Running yearly count: 23.

The Duties of Parents – J.C. Ryle (1888); Print // Handy, encouraging, challenging little volume.

Fidelity: Five Stories – Wendell Berry (2002); Print // Powerful collection of short stories. Some short, some long, all moving and well done.

The Joy of Less: a Minimalist Living Guide – Francine Jay (2010); Library // Meh.

Kingdom, Grace, Judgment: Paradox, Outrage, and Vindication in the Parables of Jesus – Robert Farrar Capon (2002); Print // Brilliant, lucid, joyful prose that expounds much treasure in the parables. However, I was uncomfortable with his view of the final judgment/hell, which he was happy to share in nearly every chapter. It is hard to describe, but it at least earns high marks for stimulating much thought.

Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough – Kevin DeYoung (2014); Print // I expected more; turns out it was very entry-level and seemed almost hastily written.

The Thanatos Syndrome – Walker Percy (1987); Print // Finally got around to completing all of Percy’s six novels. Last and least favorite of the sixth, in my humble opinion, but still Percy-esque enough to be entertaining and enjoyable.

The Violent Bear It Away – Flannery O’Connor (1960); Library // Incredibly poignant novel. I had to take a break from reading for a few days after finishing this.



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