Mysticism Alive and Well within Evangelical Circles

“Within such a framework, then, propositional, doctrinal Christianity (and the creeds and confessions that epitomized it) was exchanged for something mystical and experiential. Of course, to tar this with the label ‘liberalism’ is likely to precipitate an immediate reaction from self-styled conservative evangelicals. Liberalism is the enemy; it is what ‘they’ hold to – whoever ‘they’ are – and not something of which we are guilty ourselves. Yet mysticism is alive and well within evangelical circles. Anyone who has ever been told by a friend that the Lord led such a friend to do something completely silly, or anyone who has ever been at a Bible study where the burden has been to explain ‘what the text means to me,’ regardless of what the words on the page and the grammar and syntax might otherwise indicate, has experienced an evangelical mysticism that is not really distinguishable from traditional liberalism at the level of its understanding of what constitutes truth.”

-Carl Trueman in The Creedal Imperative (Crossway, 2012), p. 35



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