When the Symphony Rings Cacophony

“Because the Psalms are dialogic (they pose questions and offer answers), psalm singing involves learning the meaning, purpose, and grace that undergirds each individual’s life calling, and, living under the faithful presence of God’s guiding Hand. This manifestation of aesthetics, the study of what makes something beautiful, bittersweet, compelling, and enduring, imbues each note of each psalm. The Christian life becomes a symphony of aesthetics, as each note resounds and resonates to God’s glory and, by the Hand of his composition, fits together, even during those times of darkness and struggle, those times when the symphony rings cacophony. In singing the Psalms, in worship and in life, we always know where God is in our suffering. In singing the Psalms, we always have a song in our heart that provides us with direction, redirection, rebuke (when needed), and encouragement. After years of singing the Psalms, and because the word does not return void, we listen, we respond, and, as part of God’s training of our hearts, we grow in grace and sanctification.”

-Rosaria Champagne Butterfield in Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith (Crown & Covenant, 2012)



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