Welcome to the New Token Lines Site

Welcome, newcomers. I’ve finally left the Google-owned Blogger platform, and this will be the blog’s new home for the foreseeable future. Please update your bookmarks and subscriptions to reflect the change, as the new site address is jvpearce.wordpress.com.

Make yourselves at home, poke around a little bit, and feel free to let me know your feedback on anything from navigation to design. The best news is that post comments, site navigation and design, and other functions should be fully functional (unlike on the Blogger platform), so fire away. To comment, the best way is to click on an individual post’s title, and scroll to the bottom.

There are several tabs up top for your perusal that include an “about” page, book reviews I’ve written, and books I’m reading. The right sidebar contains all sorts of fun widgets, including a category cloud, recent comments, and a Twitter feed. You can also sign up at the bottom of the sidebar to receive posts by email. As with the old site, I get referral points from my link on Amazon and Westminster Books, which helps me and my church library score free books. My only gripe so far with WordPress is that the design isn’t super customizable without paying money, so we’ll see what comes from that. If the font size is too small (I can’t change it), you can hold down the Ctrl button while scrolling up on your mouse’s rolly dohicky.

Stay tuned, my first real post should be hitting this week sometime.



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