No Exemptions for Teenage Boys

“As they grow up, young men are to be prepared for the spiritual warfare that awaits them. They have to learn their responsibilities as part of the kingdom. ‘Both young men and maidens; old men and children. Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name alone is exalted; his glory is above the earth and heaven’ (Ps. 148:12-13). 

“The first thing to note is that the kingdom of God is not divided. The members of various subgroups are certainly distinguished from each other, and they are treated differently with regard to their social relations. But the basic responsibility of all – men and women, young men and young women, boys and girls, remains the same – to worship the Lord. Our tendency is to say things like, ‘Oh, well at his age you can’t really expect this.’ But this is radically unbiblical. Everything that breathes has an obligation to praise the Lord; no exemptions have been granted for teenage boys. The Bible knows nothing of a normal alienation between generations. 

“The blessings which flow from such faithful worship are not limited to those who are older. ‘The Lord their God will save them in that day, as the flock of his people. For they shall be like the jewels of a crown, lifted like a banner over his land – for how great is its goodness and how great its beauty! Grain shall make the young men thrive, and new wine the young women’ (Zech. 9:16-17). When God is blessing a people, all are included in his bounty.”

-Doug Wilson in Future Men (Canon Press, 2001), p. 43



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