Boneheaded Attempts to Separate the Trinity

“The Father is the forgotten member of the Trinity. Jesus we know – He lived among us, and we have read the accounts of His life. The Spirit dwells with us, and although we don’t know Him as well as we do Jesus, we do have a sense that He is present. Among conservative believers, among Christians who believe the Bible, there are movements that emphasize a personal relationship with Jesus – the evangelicals, for example. There are movements that emphasize the Holy Spirit – the charismatic movement. But among conservative believers, what movement emphasizes the Father? Right. There isn’t one. We have a vague notion that liberals used to talk a lot about the Fatherhood of God, and look what happened to them. 

“Evangelicals emphasize ‘knowing Jesus Christ,’ or having a ‘personal relationship with Jesus Christ.’ In evangelism, it would not be at all uncommon to hear evangelicals asking if someone would like to know Jesus Christ. Nobody asks if anybody would like to know the Father. But one of the distinctive features of the three persons of the Trinity is that they won’t let you get to know them alone. They don’t allow themselves to be isolated that way. They are constantly introducing us to the other two. The Spirit glorifies Jesus, and Jesus is the way to the Father. It is not possible to meet the Spirit, and cut Jesus and the Father out. It is not possible to meet Jesus, and not be brought to the Father. There have always been boneheaded attempts to separate them, but God will have none of it…

“Christians who understand what God is like, and what He is up to, will behave in a similar way. They are constantly moving from one to the other and back again…Think of it this way. The Son is the road. The Father is the city we are driving to, and the Spirit is the car. We are going to the Father, the Son is the way we are to go, and the Spirit enables us to go. Who needs a road that goes nowhere? Who needs a city that no one can get to? Who needs a car when there is no road, and no destination at the end of it? When we are being biblical, we never exclude any member of the Godhead from our thoughts.”

-Doug Wilson in Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families (Thomas Nelson, 2012), pp. 189-191



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