Fighting with Gratitude

“The days are evil, so what must we do? We must be filled with the Spirit, and we must sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs because our hearts are full of music. We must render thanks to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ. Further, we must give thanks for all things in the evil day. All things. For Obama, for Nancy Pelosi, for the lunatics in the Department of Education. All things. But is this the Pauline form of Winston coming to love Big Brother? As he would put it, me genoito, no way, God forbid. No, let’s jump ahead. What else do we do in the evil day? We take on the entire armor of God so that we can stand (as we fight) in the evil day. We fight in the evil day, and we fight against the evil. And we fight with a weapon that not one of the evildoers has, and it is secure in our hand. For them to come into possession of that weapon – which is gratitude to God – is tantamount to their surrender. It is a request to be baptized. It is a confession that God is good, Jesus is Lord, the company is kindhearted, and the potatoes are hot. 

“In order to guard our children against the unbelief of atheism, we need to be fathers who overflow with gratitude. We need to exhibit this kind of gratitude even when dealing with the realities of pain. Darwin did not fall away because of natural selection; he fell away because his daughter died. If God existed, He ‘wouldn’t let me get hurt this way.’ The reality of pain does not make the argument stronger; it only feels strong. In order to protect the family, the father must lead the way in modeling gratitude. 

“One of the central ways we fight with this weapon is by offering to share it with the enemy. One of the central things we do with this weapon is protect our children with it. Come, we say, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.”

-Doug Wilson in Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families (Thomas Nelson, 2012), p. 62



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