Mathematics no longer evidence for hell

“No wonder scientific provincialists think science has shown there’s no God: by definition, there is nothing outside nature. It’s similar to a blind person denying the existence of light…

“Science itself – if we limit it by methodological naturalism [as opposed to philosophical naturalism], turning it into what we might call naturalistic science – has never shown that there’s no supernatural realm. How could it possibly do that? It has explicitly said that only the natural is within its ken, and so, by its own admission, science could never show there’s no God. Furthermore, even the more meager claim that science has never found evidence for God (whether or not he exists) isn’t newsworthy. By definition, science could never do that; scientists didn’t even need to bother looking…

“The very thing that initiated the Scientific Revolution – mathematics – was the very thing that seemed to show that there were objects outside the natural realm…Naturalism leads to supernaturalism. That is, the physical world of space and time simply doesn’t have the resources to support itself. Describing the universe with physics requires the existence of numbers and other mathematical objects. And these objects are far ‘beyond matter…’

“We need no longer take the existence of math as evidence for hell. Just the opposite. Mathematics gives ample evidence that there must be something beyond nature, something supernatural. Furthermore, mathematics seems to suggest more than the mere existence of a supernatural realm; its uncanny applicability in science makes the universe look remarkably like it was made for us – and us for it.”

-Mitch Stokes in A Shot of Faith (To the Head): Be a Confident Believer in an Age of Cranky Atheists (Thomas Nelson, 2012), pp. 129, 184, 185



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