Winged babies in nightdresses

 “This is our hope. Our future is very much physical. Contrary to the view most people have of heaven, our ultimate destiny is physical. We will not be floating around disembodied in the middle of some cloudy vista. We will have bodies, risen, transformed glorious bodies…

“Virtually none of my mental imagery of heaven had come from the Bible, but from medieval artists and modern-day cartoonists: clouds, harps, and winged babies floating around in nightdresses. In fact, part of the blame lies in calling it ‘heaven’ to start with. It is the new earth. It will be no less physical than the present earth…

“God says, ‘I will make all things new,’ not ‘I will make all new things.’ The new earth will not be completely unrecognizable. It will still be this world – a renewed version of it, not a replacement for it.”

 -Sam Allberry in Lifted: Experiencing the Resurrection Life (P&R, 2010), pp.100, 106, 107


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