No local boy coming good

Being Passion Week in the church calendar, I thought it would be appropriate throughout the week to post snippets from Sam Allberry’s pastoral book on the resurrection: Lifted: Experiencing the Resurrection Life. It is an excellent little book, and makes for a great Lenten devotional or post-Resurrection Sunday meditation.

“‘God raised him.’ This is the definitive reversal. It is so much more than another story of a local boy coming good in the end. The so-called blasphemer is in fact the Son of God. The one charged with sedition is the true Ruler. The one under the curse of God is saving others from it. The one buried in a tomb has the power to create life. The resurrection is an open challenge to how people see Jesus. He cannot be anything less than the Son of God, the Christ, the Saviour, and the Author of life. God has overturned the verdict of humanity on this man, and calls on us to do the same if we haven’t already. The resurrection lifts Jesus conclusively out of any merely human category. It defies us to declare our allegiance to him and worship him. Jesus is vindicated.”

-Sam Allberry in Lifted: Experiencing the Resurrection Life (P&R, 2010), pp. 30-31



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