Shaken, not stirred

What comes out when you are shaken? Not literally, but figuratively. My wife likes to give the analogy of a water bottle. Shake it up, and what spills out? Water. Similarly, in a sermon we listened to last week while home with our new family of four, Doug Wilson used a similar analogy with a glass of milk. When shaken, orange juice doesn’t come out – milk does.

The analogy was within an excellent sermon on Ephesians 5, in which Paul exhorts the Ephesians to be filled with the Spirit. When we (the glass) are filled with the Spirit, when trying times come along (big or small), if we are truly Spirit filled Christians, orange juice shouldn’t be the result. Anger, frustration, and impatience shouldn’t come spilling out. Instead, the fruit of the Spirit should be evident even in hard times. Looking at Ephesians 5, there are three main things that characterize those who are filled with the Spirit (i.e. Christians). These are:

1. Overflowing with music and singing
2. Thanksgiving for everything, in everything
3. Mutual deference and submission

This plays out in our families, churches, friendships, vocations, and everywhere. Are our lives characterized by such things? If not, heed the Apostle’s admonition to be who you already are in Christ. As Wilson taught, it’s not a “got to” but a “get to.” That is, being a Spirit filled Christian and having music, thanksgiving, and deference isn’t a joyless drudgery or a bland to-do list, but is our joyful life’s privilege. Live like it!



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