On why I have designers as friends

The inspiration from this post comes thanks to my new blog header, designed by our good friend Jimmey James, a talented and good-looking graphic/web designer. Pretty good, eh? He asked me about my former grey, drab (my word) header, and that got us talking about a more jazzed up graphic to grace my blog. Since the title of my blog drew its inspiration from a Grateful Dead song, something a little more colorful than grey was in order. Thus, the new header.

The colorful and appealing header two headers ago was designed by none other than the lovely and talented Ryan Saul. But since I decided to shorten my blog title from “Token Lines Suggesting Rhythm” to just “Token Lines” (update your blog rolls accordingly!), that header had run its course. So Jimmey sent along a file he whipped up, and there you have it. There might be new ones in the future if he makes good on his promise to send the other ideas he had if he gets time to lay them out.

All that said, I am wondering why there are so many graphic artist-types in my life. I am by no means a graphic artist, two Photoshop CS3 courses notwithstanding. I neither have the creativity nor program expertise to remotely consider myself a graphic artist. Yet I have made it a habit to gravitate toward the graphic designers as friends whenever we start something new in life – namely work or church. Maybe I try to gain some of their talent through osmosis? Or maybe it’s because I’m not cool, and they are? Or because secretly, deep down, I want to be a hipster? Probably a combination of all three.

That said, for my several other graphic artist friends reading this, I always welcome new, unsolicited header designs. But you’ll have to beat Jimmey’s first.



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