Baptism points due north

“One practical way this lifelong benefit of baptism is used is when the Christian struggles with sin and doubt. As John Calvin said, ‘Therefore, as often as we fall away, we ought to recall the memory of our baptism and fortify our mind with it, that we may always be sure and confident of the forgiveness of sins.’ Baptism is a reference point for the Christian. It is like a compass that points us due north, to Christ and our life in him. This is what Martin Luther is reported to have said to himself every morning: baptizatus sum, ‘I am baptized,’ and when he was asked ‘How do you know you are a Christian,’ he said ‘I am baptized.’ This is a statement of faith for the one who embraces Christ and his benefits signified in baptism.”

-Daniel R. Hyde in In living color: Images of Christ and the means of grace (2009), p. 147


5 thoughts on “Baptism points due north

  1. Amen. It bothers me so much that baptism is trivialized. It's good to be reminded that Scripture takes it seriously and so did our fore fathers in the faith. It's the Covenant sign and seal instituted by God. It's significant.

  2. I agree, Jimmey. I think it was D.Wilson who wrote that a main reason why baptism is so often misunderstood by credo-baptists is because it's not fully understood by paedo-baptists. I am inclined to agree to a degree.

  3. Personally, I think the sacraments are ignored and misunderstood by pretty much everyone except maybe the Catholics. Then, again, much of Christianity is currently misunderstood by most Christians and churches.

  4. Sorry, Brent. I don't think I'm with you on the Catholics understanding, Brent. Between baptismal regeneration, seven sacraments, and transubstantiation, you'd have a long way to go to convince me. Ignored? no. Understood? Don't think so. I'd put Lutherans and Anglicans ahead of Catholics at least. But I also think you have to give the Reformed (in the true, specific sense of the word) a little more credit.

  5. OK, so let me attempt to redeem myself (epic fail already)…What I meant was that the Catholics understand the importance of sacraments more that the vast amount of Protestants (maybe Anglicans excepted). Do they actually understand the sacraments properly (theologically speaking)? Certainly not (imho).


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