It takes two to tango

Some pretty exciting news is finally public, thanks to the OPC’s General Assembly earlier this month. The OPC General Assembly overwhelmingly approved their Psalter Hymnal Committee’s recommendations to work with the URCNA’s Psalter Hymnal Committee to produce a joint hymnal for use in confessional Presbyterian and Reformed churches, extending an official invite to the URCNA’s Psalter Hymnal committee to work together. The URCNA’s 2012 Synod now needs to approve similar recommendations from our committee, and accept the OPC’s invitation. You can read our committee’s update on this matter, with some good background information at this website. This news, along with our committee continuing to work through the Psalms, dealing with hymn proposal overtures, taking two summer courses, working two jobs, and having a five-month old starting solid foods has made for a busy summer so far.


3 thoughts on “It takes two to tango

  1. Pup,Does not take a lot to excite you evidently…I guess this is further proof that it takes all kinds, we are lucky to have one of your kind at our church. When you have time to come over there is a chair by the fire ring and a glass of whatever you are looking for waiting.Old Dawg


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