Cleaning a paintbrush in water

“To keep our balance, we have to remember what the Bible says about fat…Fat is a wonderful blessing, and so when we think of it, we should also think of God’s wonderful grace (Gen. 27:28; Deut. 31:20; Neh. 9:25; Prov. 11:25; Is. 10:16)…Clearly our standard cannot be the modern loathing of fat in every form. We need to do something about our milk that looks like water someone cleaned a paintbrush in. This relates to our problem with ‘gluttony in reverse’…Americans have a deep faith in salvation through food. Either that, or no food. But Jesus taught that foodstuffs cannot defile a man. The issue is self-control.”

-D. Wilson in My Life for Yours (2004), p. 57


One thought on “Cleaning a paintbrush in water


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