Nothing like weekly celebration

“As we consider what we should be doing with annual celebrations, we need to begin by emphasizing our weekly celebration of the Lord’s Day. This is for two reasons. The first is doctrinal. If someone disparages a holy-day that God gave to us directly, but then permits himself to become a Christmas freak, then he really is guilty of substituting man’s traditions for God’s (Mk. 7:7-8). The highest priority should always go to what God has required first. No enemy of the sabbath can be a true friend of a true Christmas. No one who neglects the Lord’s Day (a weekly Easter) can have a healthy interest in the annual Easter. The second reason is more practical. We have a hard time resisting the influence of unbelievers on our celebrations like Christmas primarily because we are out of shape. We open our presents (just like the nonbelievers) and then we are at a loss about what to do next. But there is nothing like weekly celebration to prepare believers for celebratory joy in an annual event.”

-D. Wilson in My Life for Yours (2004), p. 31, emphasis his



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