Music: not another sacrament

How should we view music in a corporate worship setting? There are many views out there on this, many of which are not merely questions of contemporary v. traditional style. Kevin DeYoung points to a lengthy quotation by Harold Best about the pitfalls of expecting too much from the corporate musical worship of the church, arguing that it can border on sacramentalizing music. It’s thought-provoking at the least and worth reading the quotation in full after reading this brief snippet:

“If I truly love the music–that is, if I have chosen a church that uses “my music” and I am deeply moved by it–I can make the mistake of coupling faith to the musical experience by assuming that the power and effectiveness of music is what brings substance and evidence to my faith. I can then quite easily forge a connection between the power of music and the nearness of the Lord. Once this happens, I may even slip fully into the sin of equating the power of music and the nearness of the Lord. At that point music joins the bread and wine in the creation of a new sacrament or even a new kind of transubstantiation.”



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