History begins in a grove of trees

I’m a couple days late, but wanted to pass on a link to Peter Leithart’s excellent piece about Palm Sunday, which started an astounding week of perfectly fulfilled biblical prophecy and symbolism.

“We’ve seen this scene before, right at the beginning of the Bible. History begins in a grove of trees, which Adam is called to guard and cultivate, whose fruits Adam is invited to eat. Jesus comes as the new Adam among the living trees that constitute the new Eden. Jesus is the righteous tree beside streams of water, His people the leafy boughs (Psalm 1:3). But the scene also strikes a more ominous note, because Yahweh comes also in the Spirit of the day, walking among the trees of the garden, calling Adam to account (Genesis 3:8).  Jesus is coming to judge, and it’s no surprise that He, Yahweh incarnate, goes directly to the temple (still riding the donkey, it seems!) to toss around the tables of the money changers and cast Israel out of her garden.”



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