Libraries around the world

I really enjoyed this photo essay showing some of the most impressive libraries around the world. Libraries were chosen for their architecture, holdings, and uniqueness. Check it out at this link.


4 thoughts on “Libraries around the world

  1. The coolest thing about the Geisel Library is that it is sort of designed to look like a tree. And when you approach the library from the side, you can walk a long winding path through an ornate garden. The path is made of diamond shaped bricks, and along the way there are benches with quotes from Milton's Paradise Lost carved into them. As you come to the end of the garden you crest a small hill, and the end of the sidewalk is designed as the head of the snake which you've been walking on through the garden, and you look up and see the library as the tree of knowledge in front of you. Its pretty impressive symbolism, especially for a public university in California!


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