One Lord, one faith, one baptism

In celebration of our covenant God’s promises signified and sealed to us today in Mikayla’s baptism.

For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off,
everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself. -Acts 2:39

“Baptism is not so much about our profession for God as it is God’s acknowledgment of us. God is not thanking us at baptism for accepting him. He is not grateful for our profession of faith, as though he is thankful to have such committed followers as we. He is no more impressed with our vows of unwavering faith than Jesus was with Peter’s avowal to die with him. When we declare our allegiance to God and determine to follow him, picture him smiling indulgently on us, patting us on our heads, and saying, ‘that is a nice sentiment, but you are going to blow it, just like Peter did. What I want you to know by this sign is that I have made a commitment to you, and I will not blow it. Every time you fall, I will pick you up. Every time you sin, I will remain as ever faithful to my covenant as before. I will not give up on you or let you be snatched away…What the baptized is primarily confessing is not undying devotion to God, but God [is declaring his] unfailing devotion to redeeming, cleansing, sanctifying and ultimately glorifying weak, sinful believers. The sacrament of baptism is intended by God to feed our faith, to comfort and assure us.”

 -Philip G. Ryken in Give Praise to God, pp 179-180 (qtd. in R.Pearce’s sermon, 2/6/11)


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