Overpaid spandex-clad blimps playing catch

Grouchy but almost always right Brit Carl Trueman voices similar observations to mine about the Super Bowl (see below), but much better than I did. Click here to read his whole post. Here’s a snippet:

“How many Christians would never turn out for a Sunday evening worship service because they had their fix on Sunday mornings, but would rearrange all manner of things to make sure they could see the Superbowl? Watching overpaid spandex-clad blimps playing catch, then running for, oh my, at least five seconds and six yards before taking a five minute breather, and as a result trousering too much dosh – or meeting with the living God who gave his Son for us, hearing his word proclaimed, and humbly bowing before him in adoration – not much of a choice is it, really? The spandex and hilarious commercials win every time.”



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