To Blog or Not to Blog?

That’s the million dollar question on this, the first day of fall. I am having a hard time believing that summer is over already, which brings my self-mandated summer blogging furlough to a close. Thanks for your patience and indulgence this summer. I wish I had some profound insights to share that I learned during my time off, but I don’t. I did learn a lot and we had a fantastic summer filled with pregnancy, moving, school, vacation, family, friends, Dewey-ing my library, and more.

I am planning to resume blogging. However, I do not anticipate a thrice-weekly blogging pattern I enjoyed before my furlough. Expect random posts with no set schedule, with occasional posts on family updates, interesting links, book reviews, quotes, and the occasional reflection. A book review and a brief synopsis of my summer reading is coming shortly. Also, a blog post wouldn’t be complete without a shameless plug, so don’t forget to check out links to books that I post for Westminster Bookstore, since I get referral credits for free books.



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