Self-imposed Blogging Furlough

As I mentioned previously, things have been pretty crazy here, and blogging has taken a backseat to other priorities. As such, after long deliberation I’ve decided to take a summer furlough from blogging. To be honest, I feel like the original content of this blog has gone downhill the last few months, as time has been at a premium. That said, I will be taking the summer off from my self-imposed pressures of blogging several times each week, and will be focusing on my family, my studies, my church, and other important things.

I’ve enjoyed the last couple years of blogging, and have benefited greatly from it, as well as from all of your thoughts and comments. I really do appreciate all my readers and their encouragement, challenges, and insights. I hope to continue blogging in earnest in the near future, but this summer (and maybe more?) will be a summer sabbatical from blogging. I may still pop in to give a quick update or to post my seasonal book reviews, but other than that, don’t expect much. Hasta luego!


One thought on “Self-imposed Blogging Furlough


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