Don’t Be Like Johnny

Dr. T. David Gordon’s new book Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns is now available. It is a potent book about how pop culture has hijacked corporate worship in the church, and how Christians should thoughtfully respond. I’ve read a good chunk of it, and it is excellent. I highly recommend it across the board. Here is a brief excerpt (tough to choose only one!):

“One of the more mystifying aspects of the conversation about contemporary worship music is the glibness with which it is often discussed…While some have called the discussion of contemporary worship music the worship wars, because the introduction of contemporary worship music has been divisive in some particular congregations, few people actually consider the arguments for the alternatives. That is, most Lutherans know something of the history of the theological discussions that have led to Lutheran distinctives, and could speak about them. Most Baptists know something of the rationale for why they reject paedobaptism. But we rarely find a similar awareness of the rationale for including or excluding contemporary worship music. There appears to be a resistance to taking the matter seriously, as a significant liturgical innovation.”



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