The Haps

Blogging has been very tough lately with all that we have going on. Here’s a Pearce update:

-We’re both working long hours – Elizabeth working up to 50 hours a week at the hospital, and me working close to that six days a week at Alvernia University’s library and Chick-fil-A.

-We’re trying to find a new place to rent. Our current apartment life is coming to a close this summer, and we’re diligently searching for a new place to call home, preferably a few minutes further south into Lancaster County.

-All other free time is made up of trying to salvage what little time we have left together, including our new addiction, Super Mario Brothers Wii.

-I have a little break until June in my MSLS program, but once summer classes start, I’ll have even less free time.

-I’m still keeping up on my reading, and have some ideas for blog posts in the hopper, but who knows if I’ll ever get to them. Two posts that I’ve been trying to write for a long time include an introductory series on postmodernism and a synopsis of the best book on marriage we’ve ever read, Reforming Marriage. Instead of waiting for me to post on these, if you’re interested I can email you my master’s thesis, and you can read Wilson’s book for yourself. If you’re still waiting on me to post on the PCRT, that’s probably not going to happen. You can order the CDs here, or I can scan my notes and send them to you.

This summer is shaping up to be a busy one, with packing and moving thrown into all of this. I’m seriously considering a blogging furlough at least until the end of summer, if not permanently. I have a disorder that if I can’t do something like blogging well, regularly, or as I wish it to be, then I don’t want to do it at all. I’ll keep you posted. Pun definitely intended.


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