My Cry Ascends

Ligonier Ministries has just released a promising album of mostly Psalms with new music. The album features one of our favorites, Nathan Clark George, on guitar on each track and vocals on several, along with Michael Card, Steve Green, and others. You can preview the album and purchase it here. It has heavy Irish/Celtic influences and should be a great album not only for listening enjoyment but also for possible use in corporate worship. Nathan Clark George writes that it is “solid, singable, beautiful, and melodic renditions of great hymn texts and the Psalms. None of the singing presented comes across as if the singer wants to be the next big stage personality, and yet it is passionate, thoughtful, and engaging. I think this is because the music and the text lends itself to contemplation, repentance, joy, reflection, and worship.” Check it out!


2 thoughts on “My Cry Ascends

  1. Finally got to listen to this. It is beautiful, haunting music that sounds almost celtic. I love it! It's on my list. Thanks for sharing this.


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