Sunday Citation

“Eschatology matters, and matters a great deal. Soteriology serves eschatology. That is, our doctrine of salvation informs our understanding of the end times. It is not that Jesus came to save our souls, then decided He needed a place to put us and so came up with the idea of the kingdom. Instead, it was determined from before all time that Jesus would be King. We were redeemed that we might be citizens of His kingdom. The new heavens and the new earth aren’t afterthoughts, but were the goal from the beginning.”

-R.C. Sproul, Jr. in Believing God (2009), p. 130


One thought on “Sunday Citation

  1. last time you posted about end times, i was going to say that youve been talking a lot about end times lately. but here you are again with your end times talk. you trying to tell us something?


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