Information Overload

Church: The Hallway and the Rooms. Mike Horton offers more insightful thoughts on the Piper/Warren controversy as well as the shortcomings of the “young, restless, reformed” movement being a movement.

Theology: Peter Liethart on The Long View: qualifications, clarifications, and helpful arguments about the postmillennial position.

Hymns: Is It Accurate to Say That God Died on the Cross? R.C. Sproul has some interesting points for those of you who may have hesitations with singing “And Can It Be.”

Books: Seven Basic and Brief Points for Writers.

Sports: Great video of spontaneous rain-delay theatrics by two college baseball teams.

Food: Yes, I’m a couponer. As such, I subscribe to couponing blogs. We are also conscious about not eating too much processed food, so I found this article interesting and helpful: Real Food on a Budget.

Games: Amazing life-size Settlers game, which debuted at Burning Man.

Photography: Free fundamentals of digital photography online course.


One thought on “Information Overload

  1. It was in reading the Horton piece that I realized: I don't spend much time in the hallway. I don't even spend much time reading blogs from the hallway. Your blog is my strongest link to the hallway.I really like the seven pointers for writers. I found myself adapting them to form a more broad list for myself and other Christians in general. For example: 1) Know Something About the World could become a reminder that not all believers need to be engaged in "full time Christian ministry."2) Read the Type of Stuff You Wish You Could Write could become an urge to surround oneself with really old Christians, not just post-college philosophy majors without spiritual callouses.3) A reminder that creeds and confessions are essential, not antiquated.4) I would love our men's reading group to read one (just one!) work of fiction.Etc….I think I just broke my resolution to not blog in other people's comment space. I hope you get the idea.


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