Information Overload

Church: Uncool people need Jesus too. “As I’ve looked at some amazing plans from church planters, I’ve started to notice a trend. They all sound the same.” Ironic that the post comes from the homogeneous hipster Acts29 network. Kevin DeYoung has a good reaction post to this as well: They need good pastors and good churches everywhere.

Church: Make sure it’s liturgy, not liturgay. Doug Wilson at his best, writing about worldview: “A worldview is not just thoughts in your head, even if they are orthodox thoughts. A worldview consists of four major components — catechesis, narrative, symbols, and lifestyle.”

Preaching: 10 important things to ask a potential pastor. R.C. Sproul, Jr. lists these 10 questions, and then answers them for himself. He lists Nathan Clark George and Troy Polamalu in his lengthy list of heroes.

Books: A new book is coming out March 15 that I’m excited about: Welcome to a Reformed Church: A Guide for Pilgrims, by Danny Hyde. A great interview with Hyde about the book is also available here. You can buy it here.

Photography: 10 deadly post-processing sins. Humorous and helpful. Included are vignettes, processing fads, and oversaturation.

News: Couple let baby starve to death while raising virtual baby online. How sad is this? How sad is it that I’m not surprised that a story like this finally broke?


9 thoughts on “Information Overload

  1. Used correctly, Photoshop is just the digital darkroom for digital prhotography. Scott doesn't develop his own pictures; he is at the mercy of whoever he drops his film off to. He tries to create good pictures on film, but he doesn't do anything past snapping the shot. If he developed his own pictures, he would adjust them to how he wanted them to look, based on the processing in the dark room. Photoshop (again, used rightly) is similar for digital photos, except that the photographer has control over their own processing. You don't have to trust your photo development to teenage Wal-mart employees.

  2. your "homogenous hipster" comment about a29 is funny. My first in person experience with the a29 network was a month ago when Ken and I met at the conference in Durham. I had to laugh at the way 95% of the people there looked like mini-Mark Driscolls.

  3. Joel,Is it me or the blog? I'm enjoying your links but keep getting redirected. (Including w/the St Patrick hymn.) I'd much prefer a new window so that I don't lose my footing. But again, maybe that's something I need to set on my computer? I'm so unhip.Speaking of which–I wonder if Jeff and I were the 5% that didn't look like mini-Driscolls? Although I would argue it was more liek 75%. Fortunately I was able to tell Jeff that no, a tie would not be necessary at this conference (that was a VERY funny and memorable moment).Ken

  4. Ken – I wish I could change that setting on my blog for the links. Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of blogger, which does not include that feature. If I knew more HTML, I would code it differently, but I have no idea how to do that.You can change your browser settings, or when clicking a link, right click first, and then select "open in new tab" or "open in new window." Try that.

  5. Ken – I figured out how to do it. It's a lot easier than I thought. You can still edit your browser settings, but I'll try to use this HTML tag in the future for links. Thanks for the tip. I changed the links in the Information Overload post as well as the St. Patrick's post.


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