Weekend in Photos

We made the trek to Scott and Becca’s on Sunday afternoon to welcome back my parents from their nine-day Caribbean cruise, and I had the chance to whip out the Canon a few times. These were all shot with the 50mm f/1.4 lens in manual mode. I experimented with using the continuous shooting mode along with the AI SERVO feature to take some of the shots of Liam, since he doesn’t ever want to sit still. There were several other potentially good photos, but I ruined them with overexposure or camera shake. Once again, Blogger’s resized pictures are terrible, so click to enlarge.

Tulips before we left:

Liam playing with Grandpa and what looks like a cousin of a former Pearce spanking spoon:

Grandma loves her Liam, and Liam loves his tongue:

Liam and Daddy:

Liam the future engineer (apologies for Scott’s left leg)?


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Fun with the new camera… it can become a great hobby and source of creative expression. Scott and Liam look a lot alike… maybe it's the hairline…


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