If you’re a fan of Indelible Grace, you might be familiar with some of Jeremy Casella’s work. He’s a recent addition to the I.Grace community, and his songs include “Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah” (from IV), “Cling to the Crucified (from V),” and “Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah” (from Acoustic). On a whim, I recently downloaded his 2007 solo album, RCVRY, from Noise Trade. For some reason, it’s been removed from Noise Trade, but you can stream some songs at his MySpace page. You won’t be disappointed.

The album is difficult to describe, but it’s a mixture of folk, rock, and Americana. If I had to compare the album to other artists, there are hints of newer Jars of Clay, Matthew Perryman Jones, and Belle & Sebastian in there. He is self-described on his MySpace page as “disassembled acoustic folk-tronica.” He’s a solid songwriter with passionate, poetic lyrics combined with complex music. No 7-11 choruses or three-chord diddies here. I’m not positive, but I think Matthew Perryman Jones is featured on “Distress Signal.” My favorite tracks so far are two you can listen to on MySpace: “The Space Between Living & Dying” and “Hypocrisy 785.” The moving title track has up some of my favorite lyrics on the album:

Put your sorrows in the ground
All the broken pieces wrapped up in shadows of places and people you’ve known
Weeping shapes and sounds all strung together like a crown
Lead a heart out of stone with a melody making you new


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