Psalms and Hymns: March 7

Psalms and hymns for Lord’s Day worship at Covenant Reformed Church (URCNA, New Holland, PA), March 7, 2010, 10:45 a.m.

Sermon text: Romans 8:30 (“Those whom He justified He also glorified”)
Church calendar: Third Sunday in Lent

Song of Praise: PH 311 – We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer, Creator
Creedal Anthem: PH 492 – Gloria Patri
Song of Consecration: PH 26 Since with my God with Perfect Heart (Ps. 18)
Song of Preparation: RT 544 How Bright These Glorious Spirits Shine!
Sermon Response: PH 422 For All the Saints
Song of Praise: PH 355 O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
Closing Anthem: PH 493 – Doxology


One thought on “Psalms and Hymns: March 7

  1. It is interesting to note we will be having a related sermon text this sunday. This weekend is our winter seminar, we are hearing Dr Derek Thomas from RTS in Miss. He is teaching us on Romans 8. Tonight he spoke on Romans 8:1-15. Tomorrow night he will continue and then teach SS and preach sunday morning. I don't know whether by the sermon time he will be preaching on the last verses of Romans 8 or will incorporate the entire chapter into his sermon. He is fabulous to listen to.


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