Sunday Citation

“The love of the Christian husband does not proceed from reading the ‘right books,’ including this one, or going to the right seminars. God will not patch His grace onto some humanistic psychological nonsense – even if that nonsense is couched and buried in Christian terminology. It proceeds from an obedient heart, and the greatest desire of an obedient heart is the glory of God, not the happiness of the household. If we might paraphrase the words of the catechism, the chief end of marriage is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The reason we are miserable in our marriages is because we have idolized them…A wife is greatly blessed when her husband loves Christ more than he loves her. When a husband seeks to glorify God in his home, he will be equipped to love his wife as he is commanded. And if he loves his wife as commanded, the aroma of his home will be pleasant indeed.”

-Doug Wilson in Reforming Marriage (1995), p. 12


2 thoughts on “Sunday Citation

  1. I am undone in examination of any aspect of my life when I ask, simply, "Is my motivation for improvement/sanctification in this area PRIMARILY the glory of God?" When I am honest with myself, I most often want a good marriage 1) so others will know we have a good marriage 2) others can see ways to improve their own marriage or 3) for my own peace and self satisfaction. Very little energy spent toward the betterment of my marriage is commissioned by love of God and a desire to seek His glory.Praise the Lord that He does not treat us as our sins deserve!


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