Sunday Citation

“As J. Gresham Machen once argued, it was a tragedy that Luther and Zwingli fell out over the Lord’s Supper; but it would have been a greater tragedy had they been united because they regarded the doctrinal issue as a matter indifferent. Christianity is elaborate and particular for a reason: doctrine matters; and the Bible teaches a system of doctrine which can – indeed, which must – be elaborated. After all, it is only in theology’s elaborated, particular manifestations that we can give even the individual doctrines any meaningful and stable content…The more we subtract from the system of doctrine taught in Scripture, the less we are left with, not only in terms of the number of doctrines but even in terms of each doctrine’s own intrinsic substance…Indeed, when it comes to Christianity, the Devil is not in the details; on the contrary, I suspect he tends to live in the rather large gaps that mere Christianity’s fear of detail tends to leave behind.”

-Carl Trueman in “Is the Devil Really in the Details?,” in Minority Report (2008), p. 129



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