Super Bowl Thoughts

Every Monday after the Super Bowl during my media studies days at Grove City, we would discuss the rhetoric and tactics of the Super Bowl ads. I thought I’d give my reflections on the Super Bowl.

-I was glad to see the Saints win – not because of Katrina or the fact that Mardi Gras will start nine days early, but because they were the underdogs and I like Drew Brees.

-I found the commercials grossly underwhelming, and can’t remember most of them. To be honest, I was fairly impressed with Hyundai’s well-made and classy ads (on sonatas and quality control).

-Bud Light and Budweiser ads were everywhere, which annoyed me. They weren’t even good. Other than the Lance Armstrong Michelob Ultra spot, I don’t remember any other beer ads?

-Conspicuously missing were any car insurance ads, especially GEICO. They usually produce some decently funny ads.

-The Tim Tebow ad was a major let-down and was not worth any of the hype from either side of the aisle (conservatives and liberals). I’m fairly convinced that it was a waste of money. How was spending $2.5 million on that ad an example of good stewardship (probably closer to $3 million after production costs)? I’m sure Focus on the Family could have used that money for much more effective antiabortion means elsewhere.

-Two themes seemed to dominate: underwear and bad husbands. The amount of ads featuring people in their underwear (mostly for humor purposes, Go Daddy excluded) was disappointing and awkward, considering we were watching with a very sharp four-year-old girl. The ads disparaging husbands and otherwise showing them as selfish, simple-minded, insensitive jerks (Dodge Charger and several others) were discouraging and unpalatable. Definitely reflects the culture in which we live.

-The best ads in my mind were the ones with Jim Nantz for some mobile TV product I don’t even remember.

All in all, this year’s Super Bowl served as a good reminder of why we don’t watch TV.


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Thoughts

  1. I remember one commercial…some not pretty people in an office in their undies. But, I don't remember what it was for. This is because I looked up, saw a woman in a bra and undies and exclaimed, "What?!! Avert your eyes!!!" hahaha! I didn't even watch the game 😦 Oh well…next time we see TV will be next superbowl, perhaps the Giants will be in it?

  2. I read reports that the average cost of a 30-second ad was $2.6 million (plus unknown production costs), and that another estimated $10 billion (with a 'b'!) would be wagered on the game. Considering the above, it was striking to see 'ads' for Haiti relief sprinkled into the broadcast.

  3. Becca – let's hope so!Scott – good point.Another item I forgot was the fact that there was a commercial for the 2010 Census – nothing like spending $2.6 billion (or more) of the tax payers' money on a Super Bowl ad for a Census!


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