Sunday Citation

“Sin is a sugared draught, mixed with poison. The sinner thinks there is danger in sin, but there is also delight, and the danger does not terrify him as much as the delight bewitches him. Delighting in sin hardens the heart. In true repentance there must be a grieving for sin, but how can one grieve for that which he loves? He who delights in sin can hardly pray against it. His heart is so inveighed with sin that he is afraid of leaving it too soon. Samson doted on Delilah’s beauty and her lap proved his grave. When a man rolls iniquity under his tongue, in infatuates him and is his death at last. Delight in sin is a silken halter. Will it not be bitterness in the latter end?”

-Thomas Watson in The Doctrine of Repentance (1668), pp. 101-102



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