Christian Celebrity Fixism

I wish I had copyright permission to repost this, but I don’t think I do. Josh Harris recently posted one of his old cartoons that pokes fun at the Christian music industry, and it’s worth it to go check it out at his blog: Jiffy & Lou on Christian Music. Somewhat ironic, considering the source (Harris/Sovereign Grace), but I’m not going to go there.


5 thoughts on “Christian Celebrity Fixism

  1. I guess amongst some. But that's always been there, I think. I think if there is ever a "famous" pastor there will be celebrity fixism. People will always get their gaze distracted. I think there is a celebrity fixism, at times, in other certain churches, but of dead people 🙂

  2. True, and even in each individual church and their pastors/leadership structure, from what I've heard from several friends. But celebrityism is rampant in most circles (including ours – living and dead), and I just thought it was funny that Harris pointed it out, fully aware that I am guilty of the same thing.

  3. The other thing I thought of is that Josh Harris and CJ Mahaney, (to name the 2 that I'm sure you're thinking of)if they are the godly men that I'm sure they are, probably don't want to be idolized 🙂


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