These Last Days: A Christian View of History

We have recently become very excited for the upcoming Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT), April 30-May 2. The topic this year is “These Last Days: A Christian View of History.” We have always wanted to go to the Ligonier Conference in Florida, but time, travel, and finances always prohibited it. It looks like the PCRT is quite a consolation prize! We can’t wait to go, especially because we live so close. I’m holding out hope that one of the speakers is the token postmillennial guy (from the looks of it, they are all amills).

The conference is held at 10th Pres in Philly and starts Friday night, April 30. It runs through Sunday morning, and includes several times of congregational singing, which I hear is glorious with a packed house, pipe organ, and brass. Sunday morning is 10th Pres’ morning worship service, but themed around the conference.

The impressive speaker lineup is:

D.A. Carson
Sinclair Ferguson
Michael Horton
Rick Phillips
Philip Ryken
Paul Tripp
Cornel Venema

So, who’s going with us? More information and registration can be found here.


One thought on “These Last Days: A Christian View of History

  1. Looks like a fantastic list of speakers. (Celebrities?) I think it looks like a great conference. The title of the conference is a little ironic – enough to probably make some of our dispensational friends go, "Huh?"


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