The Taste of Sabbath

A short new book has just been released, and it looks excellent. It’s called The Taste of Sabbath: How to Delight in God’s Rest by Stuart Bryan and you can find it here. You can also read an excerpt of the introduction here. In the introduction, Bryan presents four of the commonly held positions on the Sabbath in the Christian world, which are:

-A complete abolishment of the Sabbath and any other special day
-An abolishment of the Old Testament Sabbath, replaced with the Lord’s Day with no connection to the OT Sabbath
-A continuation of the OT Sabbath in the NT, observing it on Saturdays
-Or his view (and mine), that “the Old Testament Sabbath is still binding but has undergone a transformation and been fulfilled in the Lord’s Day, the Christian Sabbath”

Other topics discussed include the Sabbath as a perpetual ordinance, Jesus as Lord of the Sabbath, a typical Sabbath day, and delighting in the Sabbath. I’m looking forward to reading and benefiting from this work.



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