Sunday Citation

“The beauty of creation, to which art responds and which it tries to express, imitate, and highlight, is not simply the beauty it possesses in itself but the beauty it possesses in view of what is promised to it: back to the chalice, the violin, the engagement ring [which find their beauty not only in what they are, but in what they represent]. We are committed to describing the world not just as it should be, not just as it is, but as – by God’s grace alone! – one day it will be. And we should never forget that when Jesus rose from the dead, as the paradigm, first example, and generating power of the whole new creation, the marks of the nails were not just visible on his hands and feet. They were the way he was to be identified. When art comes to terms with both the wounds of the world and the promise of resurrection and learns how to express and respond to both at once, we will be on the way to a fresh vision, a fresh mission…

“Art at its best draws attention not only to the way things are but also to the way things will be, when the earth is filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea.”

-N.T. Wright in Surprised By Hope (2008), p. 224


One thought on “Sunday Citation

  1. This is why certain art, certain music (especially within the church), stand the test of time and remain beautiful for centuries, whereas much of the junk that passes for art will quickly fall away. Awesome quote, Joel, thanks!


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