Sunday Citation

“Rubbish preaching certainly has a lot to answer for…I also think that a loss of understanding of what is going on when the preacher preaches is a problem. When the preacher preaches God is speaking in and through him. Too many people go to church with the idea that what is going on is really a one-man Bible-study. Somebody standing up at the front and explaining to me what a passage of Scripture means. I don’t think preaching is ever less than that, but I do think it is more – it is much more than that. The Old Testament prophets are the analogy to the modern preacher. They are declaring the Word of God and when the Word of God goes out, it will not return to God empty. We don’t go to church expecting the Word of God to go forth with power anymore. I think for too many people it is just a transfer of information, not a confrontation with the living covenant God.”

Carl Trueman in an interview on the White Horse Inn, September 13, 2009 broadcast date


One thought on “Sunday Citation

  1. Writing a generation or two ago, Martin Lloyd-Jones complained about this new method of announcing texts and topics in advance… he thought people should come expecting to simply hear from God no matter what the topic, and that this fed man's pride by making preaching a manageable thing (transfer of information, a transaction between the teacher and student). He also thought the preacher should always be open to a change of text or topic as the Spirit led.


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