Sabbath All Grown Up and Glorious

Ironic that this week, after two posts on the Lord’s Day, that there is an excellent article at the Credenda|Agenda site about the Lord’s Day as the high feast day for believers: “Keeping the Fast by Keeping the Feast.” I highly commend it.

“There’s no Judaizing going on when our impulse is to allow the Sabbath of the Lord’s Supper [sic: Day?] to flow out and fill our day. Understood rightly, celebrating the Lord’s Day all day Sunday is just like wanting Christmas to last all day or Thanksgiving or Easter. The holy convocations of the Old Covenant left their impressions on the days and weeks and years. When the people of God gathered together to keep the Feasts, their joy filled the days…

“What I want to suggest is that the Lord’s Day, understood as the gathered worship of believers and the overflow that fills the first day of the week with joy in the new creation, ought to be the pattern for all feasting and fasting. We abstain from certain activities in order to worship the Lord with His people. We skip football games to eat in one another’s homes. We take off from work and take naps instead. We refrain from a more hurried (and frequently harried) schedule of work and meals, and we load a table with good things and laugh and rejoice and relax in one another’s presence and minister to those in need. In other words, our feasting always includes a kind of fasting.”


One thought on “Sabbath All Grown Up and Glorious

  1. I don't often read CA, but I do like Toby Sumpter. He and I were friends and classmates briefly last year before he moved to (where else?) Moscow, ID.


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