Practical Lord’s Day Thoughts

In our brief three years of marriage, we’ve learned a lot about what it means to keep the Lord’s Day holy, and still have much to learn. In order to help our feeble, sinful idol factories (aka our hearts) we have some things we try to keep in mind to worship the Lord in spirit and truth, keep His day holy, and to aid in our sanctification. These aren’t meant to be Pharisaical legalistic minutiae, nor are they meant to be archetypal or exhaustive. But this list includes some simple practical ideas of what our Sabbaths can (or should) look like. It’s not necessarily a profound or hard thing, either, though I freely admit that we don’t have all the answers. These are also biased toward our particular stage in life as a young married couple without children, as I imagine some of these will change when kids come along (such as catechizing, etc.).

  • Worship with fellow believers at a Bible-believing church (two services = all the better!)
  • Enjoy a meal with family or friends (not out at a restaurant!)
  • Take a walk/hike/bike at a local state park
  • Turn off the TV and computers
  • Visit sick and/or elderly people
  • Rest! This could take the form of a Sunday afternoon nap or an N.A.P.
  • Read and study Scripture
  • Read theological books, biographies, or poetry; reading out loud to each other is also good
  • Listen to a sermon or podcast (White Horse Inn, R.C. Sproul, and my dad are some of our favourites)
  • Talk about the morning’s sermon and other worship elements (e.g. confession of sin, Lord’s Supper, etc.)
  • Call your parents, family members, or old friends
  • Write a letter or journal entry
  • Attend or host a psalm and hymn sing

Any other good suggestions?


One thought on “Practical Lord’s Day Thoughts

  1. Joel,Just catching up and noticed your week's entries on the Sabbath corresponded to Jeff's post over at Moose. Anyway, I think you give a good list here. I can't think of much to add, but thought I'd drop in and say hi.Ken


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