Sunday Citation

“God has made time for us and therefore expects us to make time for him. While many readers probably think this statement refers to a daily routine of private devotions, it doesn’t. Though heartily in favor of such habits, I actually have in mind the Lord’s Day, or the Christian Sabbath. For generations of faithful believers, Sunday was not about football or shopping but about God and feeding at his luxuriant table. But somehow, we got caught up in the buzz, and we wonder if we can ever get out. That’s why we keep trying the latest spiritual diet plan – a new quiet time program, a new prayer, maybe even a new spiritual director or a week in a monastery. But who suggests a recovery of the Sabbath? Irony of ironies, amid all the stress of ‘try this fad or feel guilty,’ a commitment to the institution that God has actually commanded risks being called legalistic…

“Christians often say these days, ‘I know it’s important to get to know God and to understand Scripture. I’d even like to dig into a bit of lay theology, but there’s just no time.’…Why is it that we eagerly watch hours of a game on television but consider God lucky to have had us for an hour on that same day? Imagine how revolutionary it would be if a majority of Christians stopped shopping, working, or watching TV on Sunday. ‘I’d love to dig into Scriptures, but I just don’t have time – what with work and all,’ again assumes that we are entirely at the mercy of forces beyond our control. Given the statistics, many of us who say this have plenty of time for entertainment, shopping, sports, and the like. We would have to do no more than recover Sabbath practice in order to have enough time for growing in the grace and knowledge of our Savior.”

-Michael Horton in A Better Way: Recovering the Drama of God-centered Worship (2002), p. 189, 203.



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