Information Overload


Pray the Bible, based on Matthew Henry’s method for prayer. Passed along from my former elder. Looking forward to getting into it and learning from it. Thanks, Ed.

The Church of the Highest Common Denominator. Fantastic article about seeker sensitive theology v. true Reformed theology, and how they play out. “The theology of the church of the lowest common denominator is utterly man-centered…In a God-centered church of the highest common denominator, God is the evangelist, not the minister, and where every member is an ambassador of Christ…The church of the highest common denominator will not downplay its doctrinal distinctives, but will shout them from the rooftop. Such a church will stand for something and be willing to teach and defend those things it regards as precious. Instead of telling people that doctrine doesn’t matter-which only plants the seed that Christianity doesn’t matter-the church of the highest common denominator will tell everyone who will listen the truth in love.”


John Frame recently wrote a scathing and unfair review of Michael Horton’s Christless Christianity. There have been many responses to it on the blogosphere, but I found D.G. Hart’s response to be one of the best.


We’re a little behind, but the White Horse Inn broadcast with Professor Richard Winter (author of Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment) was excellent and just what we needed to hear this weekend. Titled “Boredom & Entertainment,” it was especially in provoking thought on how the discussed ideas applied to how Christians view worship/the church/the Christian life/vocation. Download here and Horton’s introductory remarks here.


You may have heard of NASA’s new rocket launched last week, the Ares I-X. A good friend, Blair, works for NASA and got to witness the launch first-hand. For those of us not so privileged, Big Picture has some great shots of the launch.


Those long suffering Yankee fans.


One thought on “Information Overload

  1. Joel, I saw part of Frame's review the other day. It was definitely scathing. Much more so than I expected from Frame. I actually thought of you, because I remembered you had spoken highly of Horton's book. I thought about reading the responses, but it would probably be silly of me to read the book review, then the book review reviews, without having actually read the book.


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