Informing Ourselves to Death

This sporadically-regular feature is renamed in honor of Neil Postman’s speech by the same name delivered on October 11, 1990 in Stuttgart, Germany. You can read the text of this excellent speech here. Without further ado, here are some headlines from the Internets that aren’t worth your time (listed headlines are from the homepages; actual headlines on story pages might differ).

Bad news for Palin in poll (CNN)
Boys who took on pit bull called heroes (CNN)
Crash director splits with scientology (MSNBC)
Colorado workers to take more furloughs (MSNBC)
Off the curb and into the gutter? (Lead story on Fox News)
Report: Pirates threaten to burn bones of couple (Fox; also in bold-face; does including “Report:” make it more legitimate?)
Cats take over house (Drudge)


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