Denying Voices or Disappointing Outcomes?

As members of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) (at least until we join Covenant Reformed here in Pennsylvania), I’ve been trying to keep up with the ongoing saga in the PCA over women’s roles, study committees, and a lot of he-said/she-said. I haven’t been too impressed with some things that have happened, but I do side with the General Assembly’s decision to not form the study committee.

Bryan Chapell, president of the PCA’s Covenant Seminary, published an article a while back in the PCA’s byFaith magazine, arguing why it was not a good idea to vote down the study committee. In doing so, Chapell claimed that “a refusal to listen to half of the body because we have the votes to end the discussion is not healthy long-term.”

While I respectfully disagree with Dr. Chapell, I wasn’t about to write a response letter to byFaith. Andrew Webb, a PCA pastor in North Carolina, wrote a response that was recently published in the online version of byFaith. You can read it here. I really hope it makes it to the print version. While I don’t necessarily agree with Webb’s perspective that the PCA could be headed down a slippery slope (a la the CRC, RCA, etc.), he does a great job pointing out that dissenting voices on this issue have opportunities to be heard and that it’s not about just “having enough votes to end the discussion.” He also frankly (and rightly, I think) acknowledges that one of the main issues is the feminization of the evangelical church. It’s an article that’s well-worth your time if you have any interest in the matter.


2 thoughts on “Denying Voices or Disappointing Outcomes?

  1. I had not been presented with those Men In Church stats before. They seem consistent with my experience, though.Like liberalism (and the emergent church?) rising to fill the vacuum left from a lack of catechism/Sunday School, the topic of women in ministry reaches the point where it's even discussed because of a lack of men who 1) attend church and 2) are qualified for service.


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