Disney’s Earth or God’s Earth?

I love well-made documentary films about nature, animals, and the earth. If I see it in an IMAX theater, even better. There’s just something amazing about filmmakers capturing incredible moments on film that I will never get to see in my life: A close up of a mother polar bear and her cubs emerging from winter’s hibernation in the Arctic, an aerial shot of a herd of elephants making their epic migration to a watering hole, and a voyeuristic capturing of a stunningly beautiful Bird of Paradise performing his mating dance. I could watch the good films with the sound off and still love it.

Maybe that’s what I should have done when we recently watched Disney Nature Earth. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it had solid filmmaking and excellent photography (the myriad time-lapse shots were a delight). The narrative script left a whole lot to be desired, though. James Earl Jones provides commentary on the shots, focusing on a polar bear family, a whale migration, and a herd of elephants. What made it frustrating were the not-so-subtle overtones of global warming mixed with sentimentality (e.g. polar ice caps are melting, soon these poor cute polar bears won’t have anywhere to hunt) and the more subtle hints that humans are bad, evil, and unneccessary to the environment. What made it worse in my eyes is that it was geared toward kids.

Can’t Disney produce a nature film with families and kids in mind that isn’t riddled with leftish propaganda? I’m not a crazy right-winger saying that we shouldn’t even mention global warming, but I’m just asking for a well-made family film that isn’t overtly promoting certain policies. What about Christian filmmakers – can they produce quality mainstream stuff like this that isn’t overly sentimental, is realistic, has great photography, and is truthful?


One thought on “Disney’s Earth or God’s Earth?

  1. I haven't seen the disney one, but I love Discovery's Planet Earth. The shots are amazing and truly display God's glory. The commentary does bother me. It's a slap in our Creator's face and it's modern idolatry in full force. We worship the Earth and all it's goodness and not the one who made it and gave it to us. What bothers me most about all the attempts to preserve the environment is that people become increasingly idolatrous to try to make it happen instead of submitting to the Creator and acting out of gratitude. It would be great if some christian filmmakers could do something comparable with a right perspective.


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