Indelible Grace Releases New Acoustic Project

By Thy Mercy: Indelible Grace Acoustic Vol. 1, Indelible Grace’s long-awaited acoustic album is now available. You can listen to samples and buy it at Some I.Grace regulars make appearances on this album, including Matthew Smith, Matthew Perryman Jones, Andrew Osenga, and Sandra McCracken. There are some new (to me?) artists on this album as well, so check it out. Kevin Twit (I.Grace’s founder) wrote on their Facebook page that

Every time we do one of our CDs I always end up with some extra songs that I think really should be shared with the church at large. The problem is, I don’t have the time or money to produce them all as fully we do on the Indelible Grace Cds. So, this summer, I am going to record 10 of these songs in a simple, stripped down way. Basically they will be acoustic guitar, vocals, and one or two more elements at most.

If you’re in the Nashville area on October 12, they are having a free album release party at the Mercy Lounge with many of the artists from the new album scheduled to perform.



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